A soap opera producer and former Obama campaign bundler was confirmed by the Senate as the new ambassador to Hungary.

The confirmation of Colleen Bell came despite Republicans' objections over her qualifications for the post.

Also confirmed as ambassador to Argentina was another Obama donor who had previously admitted that he'd never been to that country.

Bell raised or contributed $800,000 to the Obama campaign in 2012.

Jonathan Karl of ABC News pressed White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on Bell's confirmation, but Earnest struggled to explain how Bell's experience as a producer on "The Bold and the Beautiful" would qualify her for the position.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), acknowledging the "game" of campaign contributors becoming ambassadors, tore into Bell's nomination on the Senate floor. 

He argued that Hungary is moving closer to Russia.

“Here we are, a nation that is on the verge of ceding its sovereignty to a neo-fascist dictator getting into bed with Vladimir Putin, and we are sending the producer of The Bold and The Beautiful,” he said, calling it "foolishness." 

Hungary later rejected McCain's characterization of Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Martha MacCallum discussed the developments with FoxNews.com digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt, who noted that Bell was only confirmed because new Senate rules require 50 votes, not 60.

Stirewalt argued that these decisions are an indication that Obama is moving into the "post-presidency phase," which he said has the potential to become a "billion dollar industry" for the president.

"President Obama still needs to suck up to rich people for the duration of the presidency and beyond to try to fund the lifestyle that they need," he said.

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