Former Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann pushed back on "Outnumbered" today against the effort to convince the team to change its name. 

He said that he sees the name as honoring the Native American community and has never talked to a Native American who has told him they want the name to be changed. 

"I was very proud when I wore that uniform. I was proud to represent the Native American community," said Theismann.

Theismann noted that a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in support of the name change came from 49 Democratic senators. 

He believes regardless of the political pressure, the decision rests with team owner Daniel Snyder, who has adamantly refused to change the name. 

Harris Faulkner asked what would have to happen to convince Snyder to change his mind. 

Theismann said he thinks there would need to be more of push from Native Americans. 

He also pointed out that one positive outcome from the national debate has been increased attention on some of the major issues facing Native American reservations. 

Watch the full discussion above: first on head injuries in football, then on the Redskins name.