Longtime Fox News correspondent Wendell Goler is retiring and today is his last day on the job.

Goler started at Fox News Channel in 1996 when the network was just launching, and before that he worked for The Associated Press as a White House correspondent.

After receiving a round of applause from White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest and his fellow White House press earlier today, Goler spoke to Shepard Smith this afternoon and said it's been "a hell of a ride."

He told Shep he feels like a dinosaur, as the news business has changed a bit.

"I saw a golden age of broadcasting and lived through it, and I think it's time for me to go where dinosaurs go. And I hear there's a bunch of them down in Punta Cana."

Goler said he's always tried to sell it straight and he's very grateful for the ride.

"It's just an incredible thing to be witness to history, to be witness to great people doing great things," Goler said. "It's also a tremendous honor to be able to relay that to the American people, and that's been a great joy for me."

Watch Goler speak with Shep in the clip above and check out some reactions to his retirement below.