On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld blasted the media for extensively covering Elizabeth Louten, the Republican staffer who criticized President Obama’s daughters over their clothing, while ignoring other stories.

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Gutfeld pointed out that Louten is all over the news while many important things go underreported or unreported, including Jonathan Gruber's ObamaCare comments, a Bosnian man being beaten to death with hammers in St. Louis and a Black Panther plot to murder cops and blow up monuments.

"A D.C. staffer pleads guilty to numerous sex assaults. It's terrible," Gutfeld said. "Wait, he's a Democrat?  Move along."

Maybe what Louten said about the Obama kids is worse than all that stuff, Gutfeld said, and networks were right to park vans in front of her parents’ home and newspapers were right to have hired staff to vet her past.

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"Fact is, it’s the media who picks the good guys and the bad guys. It's their bias that shapes what you see," Gutfeld said.

"The mayhem, the suffering, it’s all sanctioned by the media's campus-ingrained, never-ending guilt."

But Louten didn't shoot anyone, hammer anyone, rape anyone and didn't burn down any businesses, Gutfeld said.

"She did worse, as far as the media's concerned. She was a Republican."

Watch "The Five" co-hosts react in the clip above.

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