The United States' national debt has now passed the $18 trillion mark and is up by a whopping 70 percent since President Obama took office.

When Obama leaves office, the number will be near $20 trillion; the debt was $10.6 trillion when he arrived in the White House.

The Congressional Budget Office projects that the debt will be at $26.5 trillion in 10 years.

Fox Business Network's Stuart Varney weighed in on "America's Newsroom," saying eventually this is going to catch up to the country economically.

He explained $9 billion a week is spent on interest payments on the debt, with much of it going overseas. 

"We are moving toward a train wreck and the train is picking up speed. ... I think we're moving toward a debt crisis, just like Europe. I don't know when it's gonna hit, but we're moving faster and faster in that direction," said Varney.

Martha MacCallum questioned how the government can keep proposing additional spending - such as $263 million for police training - without saying what they will also cut. 

Varney said addressing the exploding debt comes down to having a serious debate about entitlement spending, like Medicare and Social Security. 

"The president's program is to spend a lot of money, tax the rich and ignore the debt. Unfortunately the debt is so high, it's catching up to us," he said.

He also predicts that the $20 trillion debt figure will become a major political issue in the 2016 presidential election. 

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