On "The Five" today, Kimberly Guilfoyle shared the heartwarming story of a 3-year-old girl who donated her long hair to charity after being inspired when she saw a video of a little girl with cancer.

When Ariana Smith noticed that the cancer-stricken child had no hair and her parents explained why, the generous tot offered to donate her own hair.

And Ariana did just that, getting a haircut and donating her hair to the charity "Locks of Love."

"It's such a great lesson to teach and to share with your children to do something like this to give back. So God bless her. What a little angel," Guilfoyle said.

Ariana' father posted some great, feel-good photos of his daughter's haircut on his Imgur page.

Watch the clip above to see what each of the other "Five" co-hosts chose for their "One More Thing."

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