This police chase from Van Nuys, California looks just about the same as many others we've seen. Except, when the suspect tries to get away on a skateboard and is eventually stopped by a reality TV star.

The suspected car thief went about half a block on wheels, but then decided to stop, pick up the skateboard again and run while carrying it. 

It wasn't long before police caught up to him and made the arrest. They were helped by a pickup truck driver who blocked the suspect with his vehicle.

In another twist to this story, the man in the truck was later identified as a reality TV star. 

More from WTVD-TV:

"I seen the guy running with a skateboard in his hand, and he's running from the cops, they're like right on him, there's about six or seven cops, and he got on his skateboard and he started moving, and it was just instinct just to block the guy off, slow him down a little bit," the pickup truck driver, Lou Pizarro, told Eyewitness News. "That's all I could do.

It turns out Pizarro is reality TV star Lou Pizarro from the show "Operation Repo."

No officers were injured. The suspect was not immediately identified.