Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was asked this morning about the next secretary of defense, including his friend and former Sen. Joe Lieberman as a possible replacement for Chuck Hagel. 

McCain said Lieberman would be an excellent pick, but believes that President Obama is only interested in "yes men."

"All the decisions now are being made within a tight circle in the White House. None of whom have any idea about national security by the way. They would not select him because they don't want any independence," said McCain, adding that the three defense secretaries under Obama have complained about "micromanagement" from inside the White House.

Ashton Carter, former #2 man at the Pentagon, is seen as the most likely choice to replace Hagel. 

McCain said he would support Carter, calling him a "good man" with a solid track record. 

"I just hope he realizes that if he takes the job, he will not have influence, just as his three predecessors didn't on national security policy," he said.

Hemmer asked whether McCain, who is set to become Senate Armed Services Committee chairman, would be interested in the job. 

He laughed, saying it'd be a "cold day in Arizona" before that would ever happen.

Watch the full interview above, including McCain's thoughts on what the incoming Republican Senate will do.