As protests and rioting flare in Ferguson, Missouri, one group known as the "Oath Keepers" has volunteered for armed rooftop patrols to protect local businesses.

Although business owners are grateful for the protection, the group - which is made up of military, police and public safety officials - has been told by the St. Louis County Police Department to stop or they will be arrested.

Oath Keepers Missouri state leader John Karriman joined "Fox and Friends" this morning and said the Oath Keepers are volunteers that come from first responder backgrounds.

"They're the individuals that put themselves in harm's way to keep others safe," he said.

Karriman explained that since they are all volunteers and unpaid, the police department's complaint that they did not obtain a license for providing security is unsound.

As for the reaction from business owners, Karriman said there were a lot of hugs and tears of appreciation.

"They couldn't believe that perfect strangers would come and do that for them."

But why do all this? Doocy asked.

"That's what we do. While others run from danger, we run into it. It's a part of who we are. That's how we're wired."

What if you're forced to stop? Hasselbeck asked.

"We won't stop ... because no one else is there to stand in the gap. No one else is there to do the job."

Watch the clip above.