It's December 1st and "Fox and Friends" wasted no time getting to the business of ugly Christmas sweaters. 

Anne Marie Blackman, who started four years ago, stopped by this morning to show off some of the inventory. 

Blackman said she doesn't necessarily see every sweater as ugly, more like festive and tacky as long as they don't have things added on like fringe and bells. 

Like this one...

The whole point though, as Blackman noted, is to bring a smile to people's faces during the holiday season.

Especially our troops overseas, to whom Blackman plans to send 500 sweaters this year.

Watch the full interview above and see some more highlights from the ugly sweater fashion show:

This next one isn't so much a sweater, more like some sort of smock. 

There's also a new competitor in the market. Perhaps for the office party for guys who are really comfortable around their co-workers.