On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld said that events like Ferguson bring out the best and the worst in everyone.

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"There are shrill protesters, the breathless media, the opportunistic politicians, the vile criminals and the poor citizens who must endure them all," Gutfeld said.

Rising above the drama, are the expectations, he said, pointing out that there are protesters' expectations of the police and a nation’s expectations of its citizens.

Gutfeld noted that this weekend on CNN's "Reliable Sources" a black conservative and a black liberal butted heads over black-on-black crime, with the liberal claiming that the police's actions are worse because you expect more from the cops.

The black conservative, however, said that police action would rarely be an issue if bad behavior didn't require it.

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"The better you act, the less you see of the police," Gutfeld said, adding that it's about expectations, from both sides about the other.

"You can blame the cops, but you must also blame yourself. The solution is to admit that we can all do better. And then, you can tell the truly annoying jerks where to go."

He said listen not to the activist, but to the working man who cares for his family, who doesn't chase conflict because it makes him feel special.

When a student protest put him at risk for losing his job, Tyree Landrum had some harsh words for the protesters, which Gutfeld saluted (video below).

"No wonder those activists looked scared. Reality just hit them square in the head," Gutfeld concluded.

Watch "The Five" co-hosts react above.

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