Bill Hemmer joined Howard Kurtz on "Media Buzz" today to discuss the fallout in Ferguson, Missouri, and explain how "America's Newsroom" decided in the early weeks of the story which reports to air and which ones needed further checking.

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Hemmer said that comments President Obama made Monday - calling on the media to be sure to balance coverage of potential violence in Ferguson with more positive responses to the grand jury's controversial decision - were very well-taken.

Hemmer explained that it was his sense in the 10 days leading up to the grand jury's decision that networks from all over the world had traveled to Ferguson just waiting for something to happen.

He pointed out that there are pictures from the protests where it's a 50/50 split between protesters and media people.

"It's our duty and responsibility to understand the power that we have. If we're a driving force for that story, we have to be extra careful," Hemmer stated.

He added that "America's Newsroom" tried to be judicious in the number of reports that they used and how they used them, surmising that they did a pretty good job at using caution and discretion.

"We have a huge responsibility, especially when it comes to tender subject of race in America."

Watch more in the "Media Buzz" clip above.

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