Talk about a "Hail Mary"!

Earlier this year, Sister Lisa Maurer, a nun from the Benedictine Order, was named as an assistant coach for the College of St. Scholastica's football team, helping lead the Saints to the NCAA Division III playoffs.

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Sister Lisa joined Clayton Morris and Anna Kooiman on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning and explained that her father was a football coach, so she was always around the sport growing up.

When she changed vocations from being a teacher to a nun and began living at the Benedictine monastery at St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota, she wanted to stay involved with athletics.

Seeing a great opportunity to do so, she joined the college's football team as a volunteer assistant coach, working with the kickers and punters.

Sister Lisa said that her fellow coaches and the players have been very accepting, and the whole experience has enriched her faith.

"God is everywhere. God can be involved in all different things, including football, so I find the blessings that are coming of this just to be outstanding."

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