An appeals court in Doha, Qatar, has overturned a ruling against an American couple once accused of starving their daughter to death, but Matthew and Grace Huang are reportedly barred from leaving the country by Qatari immigration officials who confiscated their passports.

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Matthew Huang spoke to Doug McKelway on "America's News Headquarters" today in a Fox News exclusive interview and revealed that they have been stuck at the airport for the last 9 hours.

Huang explained that they adopted their daughter, Gloria, from Ghana. When she died suddenly of medical problems complicated by unusual eating habits in January 2013, there was no sign of sickness, but the Huangs were nonetheless arrested at the hospital.

Although this morning the court declared them innocent of all charges, they have not yet been allowed to return to the U.S.

"We're waiting for the U.S. government to step in. We don't understand how the U.S. government cannot take an innocent U.S. citizen and allow us to leave the country of Qatar," Huang said. "After two years of waiting and waiting and waiting, we're tired and we're tired of waiting."

He said he doesn't understand why the U.S. embassy or State Department cannot get the Qatari government to release innocent Americans.

"We're requesting President Obama to step in and call the emir to clean up the situation."

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