While authorities work to stop senseless shootings in Ocala, Florida, that have led to the deaths of many innocent people, the city's mayor recently took a different tack and asked the community to pray.

Student Suing High School for Banning Prayer Group

Now, Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn is on a list of people who are being sued by the American Humanist Association, an atheist group.

Guinn spoke to Anna Kooiman on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning and explained that he and Ocala's chief of police reached out to the city's large faith-based community and organized a vigil and other events to encourage anyone with information about the shootings to speak out.

Guinn said that 500-600 people showed up at the vigil, which was not only open to everyone of all faiths, but also atheists.

"They don't want God involved in our community or country. When people do things like this and speak out - which obviously we need to do - they want to silence that," Guinn said.

He added this ordeal is making his faith much stronger.

"I lot of times, I see this on the news, where communities are asked to stop praying at school board meetings, council meetings, etc.," Guinn said. "I always see that happening to someone else. Now it's happening to me in my community."

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