A dramatic rescue took place in the early morning hours of Thanksgiving day when police officers saved two boys buried alive in a snowbank in Newburgh, New York.

According to reports, the boys were building a snow fort when a plow drove by, burying them in up to 8 feet of snow for hours.

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One of the officers involved in the rescue, Brandon Rola, joined "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning to discuss what he called a "Thanksgiving miracle."

Rola explained that his department received a call from the boys' parents, who didn't know where the children were.

As he was searching, Rola saw the kids' half-buried shovel in the snowbank and felt compelled to start digging.

He said it was an emotional moment when he found a child's boot and it moved. After about 10 minutes of digging, the first boy was out, Rola said.

He added that it was another five minutes before the second child was pulled to safety.

Rola said he was amazed by the boys' ability to motivate each other and fight through a terrifying, hours-long ordeal.

"You want to talk about heroes? These kids are the real heroes," Rola said.

Watch more above and see the boys speaking out below.

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