Under President Obama's sweeping executive order on immigration, U.S. businesses have a $3,000-per-employee incentive to hire illegal immigrants, as opposed to native-born workers, due to a kink in ObamaCare by which businesses face no penalty for not providing illegal immigrants health care.

Gary B. Smith said on "Bulls and Bears" that this is "one more huge hole in ObamaCare" that may be good for businesses, but it's not good for Americans.

For small businesses, $3,000 goes a long way, Tracy Byrnes said, which will force a lot of people to make hard decisions when it comes to hiring employees.

"This is stupid, and there's no other way to rationalize this," John Layfield said, noting, thankfully, this doesn't affect that many people.

96% of businesses have 50 employees or under, which are not covered by this part of the ObamaCare bill, Layfield said, and over 90% of the remaining businesses already have their own health insurance.

"What you need to do is drop the employer mandate, which will probably be done under this new Republican Congress."

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