Shocking surveillance video out of Chicago shows a group of 20 or more robbers ram a stolen pick-up truck through the brick wall of a clothing store, swarm the store carrying garbage bags and make off with an undetermined about of merchandise.

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The video shows the thieves pile into the store early Thanksgiving morning to nab thousands of dollars in high-end items, including Prada shoes and 80 pairs of expensive jeans.

Syed Hussan, owner of J-Bees Clothing, said he’s going to lose his Black Friday sales, the biggest day of the year.

Freddie Cotton, the owner of the stolen pick-up truck, said, "It hurt me for someone to do that because I treat everybody right."

Between the stolen merchandise and the damage to the store, Hussan estimates he is out $100,000.

Police said it is not clear if the robbery is connected to a series of other smash-and-grab burglaries that have occurred in the Chicago area in recent months.

Watch the clip from "Fox and Friends Weekend" above.

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