On a special Thanksgiving edition of "The Five," Greg Gutfeld shared some of the things that he isn’t thankful for this year.

Gutfeld said he wants to tell adults who chew gum loudly that they're not cows, they're human beings.

Also, every time a person uses the ubiquitous word "like" in a sentence, subtract 20 I.Q. points, Gutfeld said, adding he's also not thankful for adult men collecting action figures, big government, nudists, turkey jerky, treating a celebrity’s butt like an achievement and people who demand apologies for everything.

“As long as people are being raped and killed around the world, shut up about your precious feelings,” he said.

“And finally, I’m not thankful for people like me. Having an opinion on everything doesn’t mean that my opinion is indeed necessary, and sometimes it’s just better if I shut up.”

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