Syrian government airstrikes hit a busy market and other targets in the ISIS stronghold city of Raqqa, Syria, on Tuesday, reportedly killing dozens.

John Huddy reported on "America's Newsroom" that human rights groups are saying as many as 95 people may have been killed, including as many as 52 civilians.

The northeastern Syrian city has been a center of heavy fighting, but these latest strikes were particularly intense, which resulted in the heavy casualty rates, Huddy said.

He added they are still waiting to get the number of civilians, ISIS fighters or rebel forces who were killed.

"In terms of the damage, in terms of the airstrikes, these could be among some of the worst in possibly three years," he said.

Huddy noted that Syria's government is fighting on several fronts, not just against ISIS but also U.S.-backed rebel forces trying to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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