Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn had fiery comments for reporters after a commission meeting Thursday night concerning the shooting of a black man by a white police officer.

The crowd lashed out because Flynn was seen checking his cell phone during the meeting, but his impassioned response put critics in their place, and the video has gone viral (watch below).

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Flynn spoke to Brian Kilmeade on "Fox and Friends" this morning and described what occurred at the Fire and Police Commission meeting and how tempers run high when it comes to policing disadvantaged neighborhoods that are plagued by crime.

Kilmeade shared some sobering crime statistics, which Flynn called "an incredible disparity in who's victimized by violent crime."

Flynn said that most people from disadvantaged communities want protection from police and are willing to work with officers to make their communities safer.

It's often "rabble-rousers" from other areas who cause trouble, Flynn said, not people who actually live and work in the communities that are most affected.

"We get a big community of hipsters in town, waving their signs about oppression, fascism and Nazism, and their last experience with police was in their D.A.R.E. class."

Watch the clip above and see Flynn's fiery comments from Thursday in the video below from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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