Cincinnati Bengals player Devon Still allegedly hasn’t paid months of child support for his cancer-stricken daughter, Leah, according to the little girl’s mother.

Channing Smythe alleged in a letter to the NFL that Still hasn’t paid child support for August, September, October or November of this year and that she has had to go on food stamps as a result.

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She also said in her letter that she can’t work because Leah’s illness and care require full-time attention.

Still has been the NFL's heartwarming story of the year as he took care of his daughter, who is battling neuroblastoma.

“I am happy that Devon visits Leah in the hospital and cares about her,” Smythe said. “I have always encouraged Devon to be involved in her life. I know that he is a good parent to her and that he loves her, but she needs and deserves both love and child support. Every parent owes that to their child.”

The New York Daily News reports that Still is expected to earn about $570,000 for the 2014 NFL season.