Controversial ObamaCare architect and MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber is set to testify before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Dec. 9.

This comes after multiple videos emerged showing Gruber discussing the lack of transparency that went into getting the Affordable Care Act passed, including deceiving "stupid" American voters.

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Bob Cusack, editor-in-chief of “The Hill,” appeared on “Happening Now” today and explained that Gruber will likely apologize for his comments, as he has before.

The most interesting thing about the hearing, Cusack said, will be what Gruber has to say about the high-profile Democrats who have thrown him under the bus, including Nancy Pelosi and President Obama, himself.

Cusack said he expects Republicans to focus on the fact that Obama has tried to distance himself from Gruber - even calling him "some adviser" at one point - despite the fact that the president, Pelosi and others had mentioned Gruber by name in the past and the professor visited the White House on multiple occasions.

Both parties are going to "beat up" on Gruber at this hearing, Cusack said, since he was a key player in a major, sweeping law that, according to many, was rushed through.

"It'll be worth the price of admission," Cusack said.

Watch more above and see Wendell Goler report on the upcoming hearing below.

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