Sean Hannity took on Brown family attorney Daryl Parks tonight over evidence presented to a grand jury in the Ferguson case.

Hannity said that the legal question in this case is whether or not Darren Wilson used justifiable force. He said witness after witness said that Michael Brown was in a struggle for Wilson’s gun and had charged at the officer.

“By definition legally, that is justifiable use of force,” Hannity said.

Hannity laid out testimony and challenged Parks, asking “Who acts like that toward a police officer?”

“Somebody struggles for a cop’s gun after a robbery and then charges a police officer like a football player with his head down, and […] you act as though you’re surprised that the officer had to defend himself. I’m not surprised, and I’m not surprised at the decision of the grand jury, either,” Hannity said.

Parks agreed that no one should behave in that matter, but he said circumstances did not require the officer to take Brown’s life.

Watch the fiery exchange above.