Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder said tonight that he suspects that the Obama administration “leaned on the governor very hard not to call in the National Guard” in Ferguson as protests erupted yesterday.

“It’s otherwise inexplicable,” he said.

Kinder said that Gov. Jay Nixon is accountable to the people, and he owes Missouri answers.

“He owes us some answers beyond the flimsy clichés and empty pieties that he offered this afternoon in his press conference when one reporter put my question to him.”

Kinder asked why the National Guard wasn’t called up, and said that Nixon is attempting to deflect the situation as political. Kinder told Megyn Kelly that Ferguson’s mayor was “desperately” trying to reach Nixon last night and could not get his calls returned.

Only Nixon has the executive power to call on the National Guard, he said.

Kinder said to Kelly, “Why don’t you ask him where he was last night?"