On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld condemned the looting and destruction in Ferguson, saying that when buildings burn, any sympathy left goes up in smoke.

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"As I heard protesters bragging about the attention, taunting the police, deciding which building to burn, I realized that this wasn’t about injustice," Gutfeld said. "It was a conduit for destruction, a time to break things that aren't yours and take things that aren't yours."

He explained that racial conflict became an excuse for a free-for-all of looting and vandalism and fun.

"But if one burns businesses to the ground in your community, what does that say about your investment in that community?" he asked. "No person who loves Ferguson would burn Ferguson."

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Gutfeld noted, of course, there were outsiders, but they are simply "out" for themselves, and it wasn't their community that burned.

"When all that’s left are cinders, we can return to our cities," Gutfeld said. "Our stores and our cafes will be fine. But Ferguson is done. It's dead. You can't blame the cops for that."

Watch "The Five" hosts react above.

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