Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said today on "Fox and Friends" that Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch should not be confirmed by the Senate unless she makes clear that she does not agree with President Obama's "unconstitutional amnesty" for illegal immigrants.

Cruz said all executive and judicial nominees should be blocked by the Senate if the administration implements the executive actions on immigration. 

He said nominees that are vital to national security should not be held up, but it's up for "debate" whether the attorney general falls into that category. 

"Why focus on the nomination and confirmation power? Because it's a check and balance the Constitution gives to the Congress," said Cruz, adding that the president has a "very strange view of how our constitutional system works." 

"He demands the policy he wants and if Congress disagrees with him, he says, 'well I'm going to enact it anyway,'" said Cruz, calling the Republicans' big midterm election victories a "referendum on amnesty" that Obama ignored.

He rejected the idea that Republicans want a government shutdown, arguing that only President Obama is bringing that up. And he questioned how far a future president will go after the executive orders on immigration. 

"There will be another president and maybe it's a president whose policy views [President Obama] doesn't agree with. If the president has the ability to announce, 'I'm not going to enforce federal immigration laws because I disagree with it,' then the president has the same power to say, 'I'm not going to enforce tax laws or labor laws or environmental laws.' That's dangerous. That's why we have a Constitution," said Cruz.

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