Uber? MacGruber? Jesse Watters crashed the Harvard vs. Yale game to ask some of America’s Ivy Leaguers about ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber with some bizarre results.

He also quizzed students on Vladimir Putin and immigration – with a special guest appearance from Bill O’Reilly!

Watch the hilarious clip above, and check out some of the top moments below.

Have you ever heard of the Gruber controversy?

"I take Ubers everyday actually, that’s how I get around the city."

"Gruber ... MacGruber?"

Then, O’Reilly showed up.

He asked this woman: You don’t know who Gruber is? ObamaCare?

Looks like O’Reilly and Watters scared her off.

Watters quizzed: What is Putin doing that’s making everybody so nervous?

“Vladimir is causing a lot of problems lately...”

When Putin takes his shirt off, does it make you nervous?

“No I like it a lot, I wish he’d do it more […] I want to take my shirt off.”

“Gravity has not been nice to that man.”

Watters told O’Reilly, ”You’re in my world now, Bill.”

“Yeah and I’m getting out of it,” O’Reilly told him.