The House Intelligence Committee found no wrongdoing in the response to the 2012 Benghazi terror attack, but says the White House wrongly blamed the attack on an anti-Muslim video.

“So while the report claims there was no intel failure, it says there was an intel failure,” Greg Gutfeld remarked. “My head hurts.”

Gutfeld wondered why Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice blamed the video.

“Were they 'Gruber-ing,' thinking Americans were dumb enough to believe anything? Or did they truly believe Islamists weren't at fault and that a video was to blame?  If so, to blame physical evil on words or art scares me.”

Gutfeld charged that someone was arrested for exercising his right to free speech so that the White House could cover itself politically.

“When people attack us, normally we blame the attackers. But here we blamed art. Maybe architecture was at fault for the World Trade Center attack,” he quipped. “That’s the crime: a moral failing of an administration obsessed with blaming the West."

Gutfeld remarked that the right “got greedy with conspiracy” and said it should have just exposed our leaders’ “Islamophobia-phobia.”

“So now media hacks cackle, thrilled no one in power got nailed, forgetting that a country was misled, and that a filmmaker was jailed. ‘All the President’s Men’ was once the name of a book. But now it describes the media.”

Watch Gutfeld’s monologue and the hosts’ reactions above.