After a years-long legal battle, a federal district court on Thursday lifted an order placed against a public prayer policy in Forsyth County, North Carolina.

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Brett Harvey, senior counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" to discuss this victory in the fight for faith.

Harvey explained that the court basically said that the right to open public meetings with a prayer is protected by the Constitution, a ruling that follows the landmark Greece vs. Galloway Supreme Court decision from May.

"This is a freedom that protects everyone and all Americans," Harvey said. "There is no discrimination going on, and the judge affirmed that when he lifted the injunction against the county."

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MyFox8 reported:

This comes after Judge James A. Beaty Jr. ruled that the commissioners can return to their former policy of allowing the prayer; however, there are some new rules.

An injunction was filed in 2010, which barred the county from allowing clergy to pray before the meetings. The majority of the prayers were being said in the name of Jesus Christ.


Judge Beaty based his ruling off of a Supreme Court decision in a similar case in Greece, N.Y., where a 5-4 decision ruled that the town did not violate the Constitution of the United States by allowing prayer in their meetings. They were found not to be in violation because their policy did not discriminate against minority religions and non-believers.
Forsyth County asked that the injunction be dissolved because their policy was similar in nature.


Judge Beaty laid down some guidelines for the county, saying their policy needs to also be inclusive and that people of all religious beliefs, including non-believers, be invited to speak at the beginning of the meetings.

This would mean that atheists also must be included when considering speakers.

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