As more women emerge and publicly accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault, the comedian has been dumped by such companies as NBC, Netflix and TV Land.

On "Media Buzz" today, Howard Kurtz asked - since many of these alleged assaults took place decades ago, and the allegations are only now getting traction in the media - if it's fair for companies to terminate or postpone their projects with Cosby, especially since he has not been proven guilty of anything.

Netflix Postpones Bill Cosby Comedy Special Amid Sex Assault Allegations

David Zurawik said it's absolutely fair and within the rights of corporate entities such as NBC and Netflix to throw the controversial Cosby overboard.

Now, with TV Land on Wednesday essentially starting a process of erasing Cosby from TV history, Zurawik said, this story and the related media coverage have kicked into another gear.

Kurtz asked if this changes forever the way Cosby is viewed by the public.

Lola Ogunnaike said this could do irreparable damage to his legacy, but noted that he just got a standing ovation after a show in Florida, so there are a number of people who either don't believe the allegations or won't allow them to change their perception of Cosby as a performer.

Zurawik, on the other hand, said the damage has already been done, and the scandal won't soon be forgotten.

"It's not going away, and the television industry is not going back with him, I don't care what happens."

Watch more above and see Sean Hannity's exclusive interview with Cosby accuser Barbara Bowman below.

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