7-year-old Austin Flateau has a brain malformation and needs his service dog, Paris, with him 24 hours a day to alert for seizures.

Unfortunately, Austin's school district won’t accommodate his needs, so he hasn't been able to attend the first grade.

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Austin's mother, Ericha, joined "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning - along with Austin and Paris - and said that the district has said it will not allow any school staff to be the dog handler.

“I cannot afford to hire a third-party dog handler, and I also can’t afford not to go to work myself,” she explained, adding that she hopes she and the district can work out an arrangement.

Ericha said that Paris' number one job is seizure alert, which she is trained to do by smelling chemical changes in Austin, and she is also trained in behavior disruption, which means she helps him calm down when he tries to speak and becomes frustrated. Besides causing seizures, Austin’s condition also affects his speech.

The school released a statement, saying, "The Franklin Public School District does not comment on specific student service issues ... the district can state that it fully promotes and supports access for all individuals with disabilities, including those that require the assistance of service animals."

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