For months, Christians and other religious minorities have been fleeing their homes in Iraq and Syria to escape death threats from the brutal terror group ISIS.

Most are now in overcrowded camps in nearby countries with little protection against the bitter winter temperatures that are just around the corner.

Rev. Johnnie Moore explained on "America's News Headquarters" today that hundreds of thousands of people will have survived the horror of ISIS, only to face the very real danger of freezing to death.

Moore explained that the Cradle of Christianity Fund will assist in the rescue, restoration and return of displaced and endangered Christian communities in the Middle East, while also providing support for others members of the affected communities, both now and in the future.

"A lot of times, the only humanitarian organization left in some of these regions is the church," Moore said. "So we're partnering with local indigenous churches that aren't just helping Christians, they're helping other displaced people of other religious identities, but they're on the ground. And they just need more resources."

"We're working Christians and Muslims and people all over the world to provide immediate assistance through the Cradle Fund."

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