On "Fox News Sunday" today, governor-elect of Texas and current Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott explained why he is preparing to sue President Obama for taking executive action on immigration reform.

Abbott asserted that Obama violated the Take Care Clause of the Constitution, which requires the commander-in-chief to faithfully execute the laws.

"What the president is doing here is giving affirmative benefits to people who are here illegally. That is not prosecutorial discretion," Abbott said. "That is rewriting the immigration laws to help those the president wants to help."

Wallace pointed out that many experts believe that states have more grounds for a lawsuit against Obama than Congress because they can prove actual harm.

Abbott agreed and said that Texas has better claim than any state to take legal action against the president, as it has to deal with waves of illegal immigrants, particularly following the implementation of Obama's 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy.

"Whenever the president of the United States not only doesn't follow the law, but adamantly refuses to follow the law ... that is the epitome of lawlessness," Abbott said.

"That leads to dire consequences for our future if we don't have an attorney general making sure the president abides by the law."

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