This is either amazing or totally terrifying, depending on how you feel about roller coasters and heights.

On "America's Newsroom" - which you might remember told us about the tallest water slide - Bill Hemmer got the lowdown on what will be the world's tallest roller coaster.

The 535-foot behemoth is set to be constructed in Orlando as part of a new entertainment complex set to open in 2017. 

It sort of looks like the Seattle Space Needle with a roller coaster attached to it. 

Josh Wallack, the managing principal of Skyplex, explained that the ride was designed by Bill Kitchen, founder of Orlando-based U.S. Thrill Rides.

The $250 million complex includes an indoor theme park and will be located on Orlando's International Drive.

Riders will board at the bottom, then make their way up to the top for about a minute. 

From there it's about 500 feet and three more minutes to the bottom. 

"We want passengers to feel the exhilaration of climbing to a height never before reached by a roller coaster and then come down the tower and have the absolute greatest ride of their lives," said Wallack. 

The coaster then wraps around the indoor theme park. Wallack said they're thinking of eventually running some contests for the first rides (after testing with sandbags is completed).

"We're gonna get on that thing first, no question about it." 

Watch the full interview above, and the simulation video below.