Charles Krauthammer took on President Barack Obama’s immigration action tonight on “Hannity.”

“I guess if you like your Constitution, you can’t really keep your Constitution,” he quipped, telling Sean Hannity that the biggest promise Obama broke was when he said about 20 times that he would abide by the Constitution.

Krauthammer called Obama “a cynical and ruthless politician,” calling to attention the line in the president’s immigration address where he said Congress should not shut the government down again over this.

“This is bait. This is a way for a man who got shellacked in the elections to come back, and he’s center stage. What have we been talking about for the last week? Not about the election, not about the Republican agenda, not about the disarray among the Democrats, but about Obama. He seized the initiative, and that’s what a clever politician does,” Krauthammer said.

Krauthammer warned that Obama’s executive action could do “tremendous damage to the separation of powers” if it becomes habitual.

Watch more of Krauthammer’s analysis above.