Geraldo Rivera applauded President Obama's executive actions on immigration reform, saying they are "just and compassionate" actions for law-abiding people. 

He said no Republican president would reverse these actions after two years, and suddenly make all of these people "illegal" again. 

Tucker Carlson pushed back though, asking whether this hurts the job prospects of American workers who are unemployed or struggling with low wages. 

Rivera said it's a "false premise" that illegal workers are hurting American workers, arguing that undocumented immigrants do many jobs that others won't do. 

"We in this country have provided an entitlement cushion for citizen Americans that makes these jobs unappetizing," said Rivera, adding that low-income Americans will choose to collect benefits. 

Carlson said it's "untrue" that only welfare recipients are out of work. 

"What do you say to the unemployed? Can you look them in the face and say this helps them?" Carlson asked.

Rivera countered that Republicans were making the same "false argument" in 2007, when the country was at "almost full employment."

Watch the full debate above.