Elisabeth Hasselbeck challenged White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest this morning on whether giving amnesty to about 5 million illegal immigrants is a "slap in the face" to those who have come to the United States legally.

She pointed out that many have spent a lot of money on the process to become U.S. citizens. 

"What do you say to them? Because they want their money back and it's offensive to them," she said.

Earnest answered that those legalized American citizens would support the Senate reform bill because it would have made the immigration system fairer.

He said those who are here illegally would have gone to the "back of the line" while being able to have a path to citizenship as part of a much improved process.

Earnest argued that House Republicans are the one granting amnesty by "doing nothing" on the issue, forcing the president to act on his own. 

Hasselbeck pushed back on why the president chose not to wait on the new Congress to be sworn in and at least try to get a deal done before taking executive action.

"It would actually seem more justified then. Here it just seems like a political move," said Hasselbeck. 

Earnest responded by calling out House Speaker John Boehner for refusing to commit to bringing up immigration reform in the next Congress.

He argued that the president remains ready to work with Republicans on "common sense" legislation and "tear up" the actions he signed last night if an agreement can be reached.

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