Megyn Kelly tonight took on President Barack Obama’s credibility crisis following two major news stories – immigration action and the Jonathan Gruber videos which reveal that ObamaCare was sold with the help of a lie.

Kelly said that the Gruber videos, which show the ObamaCare architect repeatedly calling American voters “stupid,” have confirmed “the worst fears of ObamaCare’s biggest critics.”

“The Kelly File” played older footage of Democrats referencing Gruber’s role in ObamaCare. Now, they’re walking back their relationship with him.

“Is Washington aware that we have video? Do they watch television?” she wondered.

Then, Kelly slammed Obama’s action on immigration after “The Kelly File” found 25 times that Obama called such an action illegal on camera. She said he has signed this action “without so much as a reference to all those times he said on camera to you – he said it directly to the American people – that he didn’t have the authority.”

Kelly spoke with Chris Stirewalt tonight about Obama’s immigration action, noting how many times the president said he didn’t have the legal authority in the past before telling the American people last night that he did, in fact, have the authority to act.

“No explanation other than some paper statement from some liberal law professors, and we’re supposed to just say OK,” Kelly said.

She asked, “Doesn’t character matter? Doesn’t integrity matter?”

Kelly charged that Obama either knowingly misstated or did a “complete 180 on his actual beliefs and just refuses to acknowledge that to the American people.”

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