An incredible story is emerging out of the attack early Thursday by a gunman at Florida State University. 

One student was saved by a book he had just checked out of the library, as one of the attacker's bullets became lodged in the pages.

“Great Medieval Thinkers” by John Wyclif happened to be one of the books that helped save the 21-year-old's life.

Jason Derfuss was at the library doing some research for a paper in his Christian Tradition class. He said he heard the shots ring out right behind him.

He turned, saw the gunman shoot another person and ran out of the library to his car. As he drove away, he called his father and then 911. 

A few hours later when he dumped out the books from his stuffed backpack, he and his roommate noticed the bullet-riddled book. 

They found the slug, which had gone right through one book and become partially lodged in another one. 

More from the Tallahassee Democrat:

"It was difficult to wrap my mind around, that I had been the first person that he shot," Derfuss said. "I thought all three of the shots had been targeted at the same person. It was humbling to know that my life was in God's hands right there and he graciously spared me."

Derfuss, who turned the books, the backpack and the slug over to Tallahassee police, said he's been told over and over the books shouldn't have stopped the bullet.

"I honestly think that this was a direct intervention by God," said Derfuss, who attends CrossWay Church in Tallahassee every Sunday.

He said his first question after realizing the gunman had shot at him was, "Why me?"

"But I realize it didn't really matter why me — because people just do that with no rhyme or reason. And I'm actually thankful it was me because I feel like anybody else in that situation wouldn't have been protected by those books."

He said he considers himself "beyond lucky."

"You can literally die at any moment and never see it coming," he said. "I'm 21 — I thought I was invincible. And now I feel small."

The gunman, Myron May, was fatally shot by police after wounding three students, including one critically.