“Special Report” tonight kicked off “The Presidential Contenders: 2016,” a series of profiles of the men and women who may run for president in 2016.

Bret Baier this evening profiled Republican Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

In recent months, Indiana has led the nation in manufacturing growth, and unemployment is just below the national average.

“Indiana’s a state that works because we’ve been putting common sense into practice in our state over much of the last 10 years.”

Indiana was also the first state to legally withdraw from Common Core and adopt its own education standards because Pence believes education is a state and local function.

Before being elected governor in 2012, Pence was a congressman for a decade, serving as chairman of the House Republican Conference and on the House Foreign Relations Committee.

He is also known for buttonholing President Barack Obama on the tarmac in Indiana about expanding and extending the state’s “Healthy Indiana Plan.”

The Medicaid reform, introduced half a dozen years ago, requires people to make monthly contributions to their health savings accounts.

“It’s built on a foundation of personal responsibility,” Pence explained.

Pence said he is “deeply humbled” to be mentioned as a contender for 2016.

Learn more about the governor in the video above.