Veterans unleashed a litany of complaints at a town hall meeting in North Carolina. 

The forum was set up by the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Salisbury, and the veterans who showed up called out serious problems. 

“One time I was turned away because the two rooms were taken and the second time they literally had to put me in a closet that wasn't even a physical room because they didn't have anywhere for me to go," said Robin Wiggins.

An older man complained that he couldn't get in touch with his doctors, saying "it's worse than pulling teeth from a hen.” John Miller said it took so long he eventually sought care elsewhere. 

Another man recalled one time that he was in so much pain he could barely stand, yet faced an agonizing wait because no doctor was available to see him.

Richard Wallace explained that he threatened to walk over to the administrative building and demand to see the director of the facility. 

VA hospitals across the country were directed to hold these meetings with local vets after new VA Secretary Bob McDonald took over. 

A new report by USA Today stated that more than 600,000 veterans continue to wait a month or more for appointments.

6 Months Since VA Scandal Broke and 'Nothing Has Changed'

Check out the report below from WJZY-TV in Charlotte: