This evening on “The Five,” Greg Gutfeld remarked that if you’re against President Barack Obama’s planned executive action on immigration, you are perceived as “a selfish jerk – you hate foreigners, babies, foreigners’ babies.”

But this action isn’t about what’s right, Gutfeld said; it’s about power.

“Democrats would grant a bag of Cheetos amnesty if it won them elections,” he quipped.

Gutfeld noted that the New York Times calls the planned action a triumph of “lawful order over chaotic status quo,” but he questioned if they’d feel the same if a Republican president pulled a similar power move.

“The media loves executive action when it’s their guy,” he said.

“Hooray for DREAMers, but what of the doers? Those legal immigrants who followed the law, waited in lines, filled out papers, went to interviews, and wrote checks? […] Who speaks for them? Not Obama.”

Gutfeld charged the president with only acting on two things – “a phony crisis, when he claims something’s broken, and a real crisis, when he inevitably breaks something."

Watch the monologue and hear the hosts sound off in the video above.