Shocking new details are emerging from court documents about a Colorado woman’s cliff death.

Harold Henthorn is accused of pushing his wife, Toni, off a cliff at Rocky Mountain National Park, where the couple had been hiking for their 12th wedding anniversary back in 2012.

Newly unsealed court documents reveal a truly harrowing series of events. Friends say Henthorn was dating two other women before he married Toni, and that he made meticulous profiles of their finances before choosing to marry her.

Family members call the couple’s marriage a dictatorship, with Henthorn as dictator, describing him as controlling and obsessed with money.

Toni was an ophthalmologist. While Henthorn claimed that he made money as a fundraiser for churches, tax records say he did not have any income for several years, though he traveled extensively.

Henthorn also took out $4.5 million in life insurance policies on Toni, plus $500,000 in life insurance on his first wife, who was crushed by a car while changing a tire in 1995. That case has since been reopened.

In 2011, Henthorn was the only witness when a piece of lumber fell on Toni in their cabin, fracturing some of her vertebrae and nearly killing her.

Henthorn has said that his wife was trying to take a photo before she fell. He alleged that he didn’t see the fall because he was reading a text message from their babysitter about their daughter’s soccer game. However, that text came in 30 minutes after Toni’s fall.

Friends say Henthorn scouted out the park at least six times before their anniversary hike. Authorities found a map in Henthorn's car with an “X” that marked the spot where Toni fell.

Toni’s friends say she had bad knees, so an anniversary hike seemed like an unusual gift.

Henthorn has pleaded not guilty and remains behind bars.