Authorities have released shocking video (above) showing a Texas school bus driver drinking beer and popping pills. 

Kathy Legrand, 61, was arrested last month and charged with felony DWI after a scary scene in which she nearly wrecked the bus with children on board. 

Legrand was transporting up to 30 elementary schoolchildren and ended up hitting a mailbox, a curb and tree limbs. Luckily no children were hurt.

Some kids got off the bus on their own, realizing they might be in danger. 

More from KXAN-TV:

Much of the video is blurred with no audio when the kids are on the bus, to protect their identities. However, Legrand does talk after the children are off of the school bus.

“My bus is kind of all out of kilter,” said Legrand on her bus radio.

Later, she speaks to an official when stopped.

“Something is going big-time wrong,” she said.

It also appears Legrand leaves the bus for more than a couple of minutes while the kids are onboard.

Legrand was then fired by the Leander Independent School District. She told police after the accident that she had mixed alcohol with a combination of painkillers and antidepressants the night before.