President Obama said that he will announce his executive actions to change U.S. immigration law in a primetime address tomorrow night at 8p ET.

It is expected that he will defer the deportation of nearly five million undocumented immigrants, despite widespread opposition from Republicans and even though he has said in the past that he could not do so unilaterally.

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On "The Real Story" today, Monica Crowley, online opinion editor for The Washington Times, said that many are questioning the president circumventing Congress, not just on immigration, but a whole range of issues over the past six years.

"Now you see more and more conversations like this happening, that he is acting not unlike a dictator," Crowley said.

She added that immigration is the missing piece of Obama's plan to fundamentally transform the country and that's why he's taking unilateral action.

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Gretchen pointed out that for his change of opinion on the immigration issue, Obama received an upside-down Pinocchio from The Washington Post, which means "a statement that represents a clear but unacknowledged 'flip-flop' from a previously-held position."

"He doesn't care about the Constitution. He doesn't care about the law," Crowley said. "He'll work with it when it's convenient for him."

The president's mission, she added, has always been transforming America into a "European-style socialist state."

"It's about locking in a permanent Democrat voting majority. That's what this immigration move is all about," Crowley concluded. "This is a purely cynical, political move."

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