Starting today, New York City Police will no longer arrest people in possession of less than 25 grams of marijuana, instead issuing tickets.

Despite some states claiming that legalized pot has led to more cases of drugged driving, easier access for children, transportation of the drug across state lines and public smoking, the move toward marijuana decriminalization and legalization seems to be going mainstream, Sandra Smith said on "Outnumbered" today.

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"I'm an example of the good parts of marijuana," remarked today's one lucky guy and cannabis activist, Tommy Chong, pointing to the fact that he not only was the oldest contestant to appear on "Dancing With The Stars," but he also made it to the semi-finals, which he attributes to his pot usage.

Chong added that he believes all recreational pot use is medical, since rest and recreation are medical terms, and doctors will often advise patients to get more recreation and less stress.

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Kennedy said the "green rush" is attracting people who missed out on the tech rush, Facebook, Starbucks and other investment opportunities, and now they are going to try and make money on cannabis.

Chong argued that the marijuana industry is what kept Northern California afloat during the recession.

Kennedy pointed out that President Obama raided many of those Northern California businesses and this administration has largely been "awful" on pot use.

"This president has been hypocritical about it," Chong replied. "But what president hasn't?"

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