In a Washington Post op-ed, David Ignatius called the GOP’s stance on climate change “the politics of selfishness” and an attack on civil rights.

“This smear exempts him from marshaling facts or defending the hardships he demands of you. It suggests those who disagree are immoral, for they don’t care about the future of their loved ones or the greater good,” Greg Gutfeld said this evening.

“The Five” co-host recalled Mao’s Great Leap Forward, where thousands of families were grouped onto single farms, forced to work together. Plus, private property was banned – all for the greater good.

As a result, Gutfeld said 50 million people died, which wasn’t a surprise.

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“People saw it coming, but they had to stifle their skepticism, even while stacking the dead because defiance was seen as selfish. It hindered the greater good,” he said.

Gutfeld charged that “we demonize skeptics” even though climate change models show that warming has paused for 18 years.

Gutfeld noted that Ignatius skips over how oil and coal has pulled millions out of poverty and neglects to mention the millions of deaths worldwide that are caused by toxic heating sources.

“Instead of vetting predictions, he embraces them, which ain’t journalism. He even invokes ‘1984.’ How ironic – a book about thought crimes being used to halt skepticism. And so we live in the opposite age of the enlightenment, the age of endarkenment, where a ‘moral argument’ means ‘we have no facts,’ and the greater good demands everything but the truth.”