A former Colorado sheriff's deputy faces a second-degree murder charge for shooting his wife.

Police initially declared that Ashley Fallis committed suicide, a conclusion that her parents didn't buy.

After more than two years of investigating, a local Fox journalist uncovered evidence that forced police to reopen the case seven months ago.

Authorities arrested Tom Fallis in Bloomington, Indiana, yesterday after a grand jury decided there was enough evidence to charge the former deputy.

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Authorities say that Ashley and Tom Fallis had a New Year’s Eve party to ring in 2012, they were drinking, and then they fought because someone showed up at the party with marijuana.

Tom claims he was in the closet changing when he heard the gun shot, but Ashley’s family says that Tom shot his wife, and their 6-year-old daughter witnessed it. The police report says their daughter didn’t see anything because the door was closed.

A neighbor says he heard Tom tell Tom’s father that he shot Ashley. The police report doesn’t mention that, but the neighbor stands by his story.

There are also discrepancies over where the bullet entered Ashley’s head.

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Justin Joseph, the KDVR reporter who followed this story, appeared on "Shepard Smith Reporting" today and said that when he spoke to the neighbor who allegedly witnessed Fallis confess to the murder, he started noticing discrepancies between the neighbor's account and the police report.

Joseph said he noticed that other witnesses' accounts appeared to be changed in the report, as well, but when he confronted the detective who filled out the report, the detective said he couldn't talk about it.

He was later found not guilty criminally, but still faces an internal investigation.

Joseph reported that the focus of the upcoming trial will be the second-degree murder charge that Fallis is facing.

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