Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (Texas) suggested on the House floor Tuesday that Americans who oppose granting amnesty to illegal immigrants are "selfish."

The expected executive actions by President Obama would give amnesty to between 3 and 5 million people in the country illegally and grant millions of temporary work permits.

“This is not amnesty. This is prioritization. This is saving money. This is keeping families together. This is allowing children to not come home to places where their parents have been thrown from their places of work and taken away from them. I am excited about the courage of this president. I look forward to America finally understanding the gifts you that you are given. Let us not be a selfish nation. Let us be a generous nation," Jackson Lee said.

Rep.-Elect Mia Love (R-Utah) joined "Fox and Friends" this morning to react to the White House plans and the comments by her future House colleague. 

Love called on the president to instead work with Congress on a solution, saying it "looks more like a dictatorship" when the president makes decisions unilaterally for the American people.

Love noted that 74 percent of voters responded in Election Day polls by saying the president should work with Congress on immigration reform. 

"This is about the American people. He needs to remember who he works for," said Love, adding that she believes lawmakers and the president can come up with a "compassionate" solution.

Watch the full interview above with the first black Republican woman to be elected to Congress, as she also discusses her historic victory.